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VA Serenity

Votre-Administrateur has created its VA Serenity offer of services as an answer to the key stakes facing independent directors:

1) To be accompanied in his/her search for mandates

In the opinion of Votre-Administrateur, the search for a mandate can be compared to a series of successive stages which must be prepared carefully in order to be passed successfully and to allow the independent director candidate to join the board of an organization.

To accompany the candidates in their search for mandates, Votre-Administrateur proposes personalized interviews. These will be carried out by a specialized counselor, and will help the candidate to feel more serene and able to act.


2) To undergo training and develop competences

According to Votre-Administrateur, the updating and even the evolution of an independent director’s skills are fundamental to enable him/her to fully assume his/her role on the board.

In order to accompany director candidates to maintain and develop their competences, Votre-Administrateur and its partners propose suitable training.

Within the framework of its training program, Votre-Administrateur offers tailor-made training in clients’ offices; if you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Some independant director profiles