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VA Confidence

Votre-Administrateur has built its VA Confidence offer of services in answer to the key stakes of boards of directors and supervisory boards :

1) To have access to the best profiles at the best time :
the “rule of the 6 Cs”

In the opinion of Votre-Administrateur, good governance also relies on the ability of an organization to find the independent directors who, while playing their role fully, offer the best guarantees as expressed by the 6Cs, as being 6 essential and inseparable qualities :

To be a Counselor

      To have Clear knowledge

            To have the expected Competences

                  To be able to Challenge

                        To have the right Conduct

                               To give Confidence


Depending on the context of the organization (company, association, foundation) and what characterizes it in terms of structure, systems, culture and style, the expectations expressed about the choice of an independent director can be very different. The challenge is then is to succeed in finding the best match between the independent directors seeking a mandate and the organizations seeking professional independent directors to accompany the development of their future project.

The expertise of Votre-Administrateur allows us to participate actively in the selection of your independent directors, in the respect of the rule of the 6Cs.

The approach of Votre-Administrateur is made up of 6 stages :



1- The preliminary phase is a meeting with the company manager and/or the Chairman of the board in order to specify the needs, explain the context and consider the type of accompaniment envisaged.
2- The development phase is a meeting with the other members of the board of directors and supervisory board, in order to understand the team dynamics and try to identify the elements leading to the decision-making process
3- The diagnostic phase leads to an appraisal of the organization and the formulation of recommendations concerning the director profiles to give priority to for the board. It results in a report which is handed over to the company manager and/or Chairman of the board, who is asked to validate the recommendations in order to move on to the following phase.
4- The pre-selection phase consists in a proposal of competent director profiles in accordance with the recommendations which have been made and validated. At the end of this phase Votre-Administrateur will take charge of the recruitment process.
5- The selection phase covers the whole recruitment process (interviews with candidates whose profiles were shortlisted during the pre-selection phase, selection of the best candidates).
6- The presentation/recruitment phase is the last step before the effective recruitment of an independent director. During this phase and before the validation of a candidacy by the organization, Votre-Administrateur always carries out a final check to be sure that the independent director and the company manager will be able to work together in harmony and understanding.

2) To provide induction, follow-up and training for independent directors

In the view of Votre-Administrateur, the maintenance of good governance over a long period is based on the recruitment of good directors, but also on good support and management of the latter all through their mandate. This begins with the preparation of an induction course, and continues with a follow-up and training program, so that the independent director may develop his/her abilities as the organization evolves and progresses. It is essential to make sure that a gulf does not develop between the directors and the organization which do not evolve at the same rate.

The expertise of Votre-Administrateur allows us to participate actively in structuring the progress of the independent director during hi/her mandate (induction, follow-up, training).

3) To accompany the company management in the construction of the board

In the opinion of Votre-Administrateur, the leader of an organization is the first to be concerned by the setting up of good governance. It is essential for the medium and long term development of his/her future project. However, if the need to put in place an efficient board through professional and competent independent directors becomes obvious, it can reveal itself as a substantial project for the management and motivate a desire to be accompanied.

The expertise of Votre-Administrateur allows us to accompany the company manager individually and confidentially, both in the setting up of a board and, more generally, in the development of governance.

4) To accompany the management in the assessment of its board

According to Votre-Administrateur, good governance is based on efficient counseling. The best way to guarantee this efficiency is still by regular assessment, in order to highlight factors of improvement and find solutions. In addition, any organization evolves over time, more or less quickly and more or less brutally depending on its context and development projects, but surely.

The assessment of the board will allow it to accompany the organization in its transformations, and guarantee a faithful mirror image in the governance of its future projects.

The expertise of Votre-Administrateur allows us to accompany the management in an annual evaluation of its board, through the identification of Key Performance Indicators, their monitoring over time and the formulation of recommendations for improvement and/or evolution. Votre-Administrateur also offers, with total confidentiality, a program of individual assessment of independent directors (every 3 years).

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