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Our offer

As an Independent director,

Why sign up* and join Votre-Administrateur.com ?

1) Join the first social network dedicated to company governance, reserved for none executive directors and companies.

2) Increase visibility of your profile for companies seeking independent directors.

3) Access offers of mandates proposed by companies.

4) Benefit from the advice of our experts in order to increase your attractiveness and potential as an independent director

5) Receive the Votre-Administrateur newsletter.

Each individual member of our partner & expert organisations will be entitled to a reduction on their annual inscription.
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We consider that the confidentiality of your data is important.

Your information will only be communicated with your agreement.  Within the framework of your search for mandates, only companies will have access to your full profile.  We will keep you informed of any activity concerning your profile.

What are the advantages of Votre-Administrateur ?

  •  By helping to organize the recruitment market of board members seeking a mandate, and by putting them in contact with the organizations concerned, Votre-Administrateur is promoting more sustainable and responsible governance.
  • Votre-Administrateur supports greater diversity on boards, considering that this will lead to better performances.  By direct action to accompany and advise organizations, Votre-Administrateur participates in the development of diversity, and more particularly parity.
  • Votre-Administrateur considers that all the information an independent director needs to fulfill his/her role in a company is difficult to obtain in sufficient detail (regulations, events, best practices, testimonies etc).  Votre-Administrateur has thus set up a web platform, which allows each board member to access all the practical and pedagogical information he/she needs, in the same space.
  • Votre-Administrateur is convinced that exchanges are a source of enrichment, and seeks to offer its members the possibility of asking their questions, react to current events in governance and interact together, by means of its forums.
  • Votre-Administrateur sets up partnerships with the company players responsible for governance (training bodies, professional networks) in order to create, around its network, a veritable virtuous ecosystem which is transparent and profitable to all.

The charter of Votre-Administrateur

An independent director who joins the VA Votre-Administrateur network becomes a full member of a community, and hence is actively associated with its development. In this spirit, VA has created a charter whose guidelines detail both the behavior expected of an independent director who is a member of VA towards the companies whose mandates he/she holds, and the obligations towards the VA network in terms of the sharing of knowledge, cooperation and development.

Each independent director of the Votre-Administrateur network undertakes to act in the respect of these guidelines, and to implement them.

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*Once your candidacy is entered in our database, benefit from all the services at your disposal on Votre-Administrateur.com to develop your visibility and potential for organizations, so that your search for mandates will reach a satisfactory conclusion.
“In accordance with the law on information and liberties of 6th January 1978, you may at any time modify or withdraw the information contained in your professional space.  As this information which concerns you is confidential, Votre-Administrateur pledges to protect it.”

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