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Our clients

Because the search for an independent director is above all a question of the future, growth and development, it concerns all kinds of organizations without exception (company, association, foundation).


The clients of Votre-Administrateur thus include:

  • Listed and unlisted companies, medical funds, cooperatives…., from the start-up launching its company project, through the SME in a stage of accelerated growth, to international corporations, without forgetting medium-sized companies.
  • Family companies, with needs which have evolved over time, and which wish for the support of independent directors to accompany them in their projects for growth.
  • Associations and foundations which independently of their non-profit-making intentions must satisfy the same obligations of transparency and good management as other organizations.
  • Investment funds, which wish to be accompanied in their search for professional independent directors to defend their interests in the organizations in which they have acquired an interest.

They place their trust in us.

Some independant director profiles