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Who are we?

Votre-Administrateur.com belongs to the independent French company Votre-Administrateur (VA).  Created in September 2012, Votre-Administrateur.com is the first social network dedicated to company governance, and targeting both independent directors and companies, organizations and professional recruiters.
The web platform is available in 2 languages: english & french.


About Votre-Administrateur (VA)

As a player in the market of company governance, Votre-Administrateur (VA) is at the heart of connecting independent directors-companies/recruiters.  VA is supported by an innovative web platform (www.votre-administrateur.com), as well as by business professionals who have held high-level functional and operational positions, both in France and abroad.

VA, professionals serving enlightened governance

The diversity of their individual career paths enables them to have a serene perception of the context of governance related to each type of organization (company, association, foundation), each management system (private, public, family or patrimonial; cooperative or not; listed or not), for any size of structure (large groups, SMEs, medium-sized companies and start-ups).

The principle characteristic of the women and men who make up Votre-Administrateur (VA) is that they put their experience and expertise at the service of long-lasting and high-quality governance.  This lies at the heart of their commitment within VA, but also of their role in relation to independent directors who join the network after a rigourous selection process, and the companies and recruiters to whom they offer personalized and well-adapted accompaniment.

Votre-Administrateur.com, a reference for company governance

Votre-Administrateur (VA) aims to offer the governance ecosystem a platform providing reference and exchange.  The company is able to accompany the professional path of those who represent it  (the independent directors), and facilitate the work of the companies and organizations it represents, in setting up necessary structures.  This is done by means of support in the choice, recruitment, induction, training and follow-up of the independent directors.  In this way VA will contribute to the continuous improvement of company governance.

To reach this objective, Votre-Administrateur (VA) has fixed the following guiding principles :
  • To gather together, as exhaustively as possible, all existing information (regulations, current events, best practices etc) concerning company governance, to update it actively, and make it available in a single space which is easily accessible to all.
  • To create a private space, dedicated to independent directors, which allows them after becoming members (*) to make themselves known to the companies and/or organizations concerned, and to access existing offers of mandates.
  • To create a private space, dedicated to companies/organizations and professional recruiters, which allows them after becoming members to post advertisements and consult the profiles of signed-up independent directors seeking mandates.
  • To fuel reflection on company governance, via the interviews or testimonials of independent directors or business professionals (human resources, finance, legal), as well as with the highlighting of best practices identified in France and abroad.
  • To participate in the professionalization and organization of a market which brings together independent directors on the one hand and organizations and recruiters on the other.



(*)in order to guarantee the quality of independent director candidates, each new application for membership will be submitted for approval to the VA team for approval before being validated and published in the space reserved for companies and recruiters.

Some independant director profiles