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Our values and our vision

Our conviction

VA, at the service of enlightened governance

Within Votre-Administrateur (VA), we share the conviction that an enlightened governance is one which benefits from independent directors who are not only talented, but also and above all, driven by a real notion of what a company is.  The support and control of an organization (company, association, foundation), as much as the challenge of its strategy, can only be objective and relevant if they are based on a clear understanding of the organization as a player in society.  Its shared values, its culture and its style are as important as its strategy and structure, to those intending to accompany it in its future projects and development.

From this starting point, our approach to the question of bringing into contact independent directors and organizations differs considerably from that of many traditional professional recruiters, as our accompaniment includes a detailed analysis of the organizations who appoint us in their search for independent directors; in the same way we pay great attention to the expectations expressed by our independent director candidates in their search for mandates.

This role, of an active and dynamic intermediary, is what we wish to offer to our VA members, both independent directors and organizations; it is both our mission and our real Added Value in the service of more enlightened governance.  Enlightened, because it is defined with rigourous objectivity, linked with a profound knowledge of the immaterial aspects of each organization.  And equally, it is possible to count on competent independent directors, whose talent is to be men and women who believe in the ambitions of the organizations they accompany.

Our vision

“To be the platform of reference dedicated to company governance, one which gathers together the best independent directors within a social network open to companies, organizations and professional recruiters”.

Our company values and commitments

Three values form a framework for the mission of Votre-Administrateur (VA), just like the social contract, which binds each collaborator to the company:

  • Respect towards women and men, but also towards the organizations, as players in society;
  • Ethics, as a moral code and a rule of conduct;
  • Diversity, in the respect of difference, and the promotion of equal opportunities within governance.

With these three values we have forged our company commitments towards all our stakeholders:

  • Act with professionalism and rigour
  • Strictly respect the confidentiality of the information entrusted to us
  • Have and maintain integrity
  • Show adaptability and flexibility
  • Work in total transparency

Some independant director profiles