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Our partners

Votre-Administrateur acts in partnership with the players involved in the development and professionalization of the company governance market : specialized training bodies, associations or professional networks. Through this policy of partnerships, Votre-Administrateur intends to create a professional network at the service of better governance.

A win-win partnership

It is in the interest of our partners to combine their efforts with those of Votre-Administrateur to make their actions in favour of independent administrators even more efficient, by facilitating their contacts with companies and offering well-adapted support and advice to each administrator according to his/her profile and competences. Votre-Administrateur has decisive advantages when it comes to acting in partnership with the players in the development and professionalization of the profession of independent administrator (specialized training bodies, associations or professional networks). Proximity : an extensive network of companies which facilitates contacts with administrator candidates.  Expertise : interlocutors who are specialized in the governance of organizations, company professionals, multi-sector, and above all having a wide experience of specific contexts (types of capital holding, type of structure, type of territorial cover etc).  Innovat ion : an innovative web platform offering a completely new range of services to facilitate the path of administrator candidates or the daily activities of those already in place, as well as the search for the best possible talents for companies and professional recruiters.  Services : our offer of “Services +” to provide support for administrators and companies, and to follow up contacts by offering advice, from the selection stage through to the evaluation stage (monitoring, training, assessment). Complementarity : Votre-Administrateur is a link to other players involved in the development and professionalization of the independent administrator’s role; this link completes a chain of sustainable value which leads to better governance. Thanks to partnerships set up with recognized training structures and players who support the development and professionalization of the position of independent administrator, Votre-Administrateur offers a real dimension and legitimacy to its social network dedicated to company governance. This dimension and this legitimacy enable VA to become a market reference and offer its players a place where they can create together the governance of tomorrow, more efficient because more enlightened. Contact us !

Our Partners

The association ” Voxfemina : Paroles d’experts au féminin” is a non-profit organization created in France in 2010 to promote a balanced and accurate representation of women in the media. We provide an innovative approach to increasing the visibility of women experts, by identifying them and publishing their biographies with a description of their skills and areas of expertise on our web 2.0 platform (www.voxfemina.asso.fr). By publishing these women’s contributions in their areas of expertise, our aim is to bring them to the forefront of the media and make their voices heard.

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