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Our governance

Votre-Administrateur is a simplified joint-stock company.  Its president, Anne Navez, manages the company.

Votre-Administrateur has a Council of the Wise, composed of members who all have in common the fact that they are independent, i.e.” neither a manager of the company, nor an independent director, nor an employee, nor a person with a significant commercial or professional link with Votre-Administrateur “, in accordance with the company rules.  The members of the Council of the Wise are business professionals, with different functions in the organization (finance, human resources, senior management, legal etc) in different sectors of activity (services, industry etc).  They have been chosen to join the Council of the Wise for three main reasons

1) Their professional seniority and their specialized expertise

2) Their riche professional experience and clearsightedness about today’s economy

3) The interest that the subject of governance holds for them

The composition of the Council of the Wise:

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Jean-Baptiste LABRUSSE







Françoise de PANAFIEU


Laurence RIMBEUF

Some independant director profiles