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Offer VA Search

Offer VA Search VA VA+ VA pro
Multi-criteria & advanced search X X X
Ranking of results by pertinence for advanced search X X X
Number of profiles selected Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Direct downloading X X X
Maximum number of profiles to be downloaded 6 10 12
Period of use 4 days 4 days 7 days
Company rate (excluding recruiters)
TO < 10M€ (1)
900€ 1350€ 1620€
Rate for recruiters & companies
CA > 10 M€(1)
990€ 1500€ 1800€
(1) Excluding tax

Votre-Administrateur wishes to encourage the setting up and development of governance even in the smallest companies. We have therefore chosen to play our role by offering a preferential rate to companies (excluding recruiters) with a turnover of less than 10M€.

Some independant director profiles